Danske Bank: Bank of England where to go next?


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  Financial newspaper (Hong Kong) hearing on Friday (March 23) Danske Bank (DanskeBank) currency strategist latest research team wrote an article discussing the market reaction to the minutes released on Thursday (BOE) rate decision and conferences。
The bank views the following major elements: We still believe the Bank of England will raise interest rates in May, is also expected to raise interest rates again in November, I believe, which is more hawkish than market expectations the Bank of England to raise interest rates。
  As we in February after the last meeting in question, the Bank of England seems to have started a regular cycle of raising interest rates, and the meeting has not changed our point of view – the market has already priced in a rate hike this year, the magnitude of about 42 basis points。
Therefore, we expect the market more than other institutions and hawks。   Although other areas such as Europe and the UK off transition agreements also reported positive news, but we think the short-term / trend will not change, the level is expected to be located within the next 3 months。   GMT 8:18, GBP / packets / 10, EUR / GBP packets / 34。   Proofreading: calm。

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