Delayed menstruation great harm to women


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The female menstrual cycle is generally 28?30 days。
About 7 days in advance or delay is still the normal range, cycle length varies。
But if not exceed 7 days after menstruation, delayed menstruation is the。
Menstruation postponed for two reasons mainly to consider, first pregnancy, followed by irregular menstruation。 Delayed menstruation great harm to women。 Here we take a look at it!Delayed menstruation harm women on women's normal menstrual cycle is the follicular phase, ovulation, luteal phase of the menstrual period of four parts, taking hormones although delayed menstruation, but it may disrupt the endocrine laws of the body, causing endocrine disorders , affect ovulation, resulting in irregular menstruation。 And to postpone more generally by the amount of menstruation, dripping, long duration, but also detrimental to the body。 Drugs often used to change the cycle will lead to menstrual disorders。 Some unmarried women, especially female students, the delay period by taking the pill could lead to a reduction by the amount or amenorrhea, great harm。 Therefore, if there are special circumstances, it is necessary to postpone when menstrual cramps, the drug should be used under the guidance of the hospital gynecologist, must not be free to take their own to pharmacies, if side effects occur after treatment, immediately to the hospital。
In addition, premenstrual fresh longan, donkey-hide gelatin and other supplements, it might be slightly delayed menstruation, causing stomach Zhang Tong, by reducing the amount, so the former women's menstrual best not to eat these foods。
The relationship between menstruation and menstrual irregularities and infertility in female infertility related to the occurrence necessarily related, does not mean that it will directly lead to decreased fertility in women, but because it is a manifestation of some form of gynecological diseases, and it is precisely one of these diseases and a major cause of the decline in female fertility。 For example, when women with endometritis, endometriosis, cervicitis and salpingitis, ovarian dysfunction, or endocrine system disorders, will appear the phenomenon of varying degrees of menstrual abnormalities of the uterus, then the time if you do not make active prevention efforts will largely affect the pregnancy, because these diseases are caused by a common gynecological diseases female fertility, so to take it seriously。

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