Overseas treasure recovered dinosaur fossils on display in the possession of a small dinosaur eggs, embryos


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March 21, overseas treasure recovered fossil exhibition "Hometown Longgui" opened to the public in Changzhou China Dinosaur Park, kicked off the seventh China Dinosaur Park Dinosaur festival。
It is understood that the "hometown Longgui" special exhibition by the Geological Museum of China, China Customs Museum, Office of the National committee of experts organized by fossils。 It is exhibited overseas in recent years recovered from dinosaur egg nest, Chinese Qianlong, tortoises, saber-toothed tigers and other fossil treasure。 Behind every piece of treasure fossil has a tortuous story。
The particular lead exhibition dinosaur egg nest fossils, fossil dinosaur egg nest 22 is stolen dragon egg egg together to form, wherein 19 also contains dinosaur eggs to take shape, a curled embryonic dinosaur group, some bones outline has been very clear, very rare dinosaur eggs set of columns the way, has high research value, their first appearance at an auction in the United States, the first turnover of 42 million US dollars。 After more than five years of various departments of unremitting efforts, dinosaur egg nest finally returned to the embrace of the motherland。
As the exhibition's organizer, the China Dinosaur Park official said, these fossils national treasure can be reunited in the China Dinosaur Park, on the one hand shows China's relevant departments in the protection of fossils, fossil combat smuggling and abroad to carry out fossil aspect of recourse the efforts made and results achieved, so that the whole society of common concern, resist the fossil smuggling; at the same time, these fossils came to Changzhou national treasure exhibition is also a "home" of the journey, they will use artificial intelligence technology that allows tourists to visit at the same time, you can feel "alive" dinosaur。
Reporters saw at the dinosaur museum, visitors during a visit to dinosaur fossils, dinosaurs using a mobile phone directly related to the shooting pictures, you can Dinosaur "call" on their phones, analog archeology, and finally with the "resurrection of dinosaurs"。
Shen Kexin Photo Source: Oriental IC copyright works do not reprint Published: 2018-03-2311: 00:19 [Editor: Fu Yu]。

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