Tillerson departure triggered unrest executives?US media predicted: McMaster time is running out


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  [Global Times Roundup] a tweet fired by President of the United States Secretary of State Tillerson work, on the 13th local time later confirmed it had received a telephone Trump, will officially leave March 31。
Months of disagreement between the President and the now 65-year-old former ExxonMobil CEO has finally come to an end, and Trump highest level of government reshuffle action has entered a more intense phase。
14, the global media giant felt shaking caused by Trump fingertips。   13, after being sacked Tillerson said do not know why they lose their jobs。 His interview with reporters, said that it will hand over its responsibilities to the State Department number two man Sullivan before midnight the same day, and permanently retiring this month。
He said that in view of the United States in the field of politics and national security still faces enormous challenges, today is the most important thing is to ensure the smooth transfer of duties of the Secretary of State。
  Tillerson did not thank Trump in his speech, but stressed that the success achieved in the two different views of several areas。
Leaving the occasion, Tillerson did not forget to criticize Russia, he said the government has work to do in response to the Russian government practices and disturbing behavior。
Tillerson also mentioned the future of US-China relations。 He said the United States needs to improve relations with China, and asked: How do we deal with the next 50-year relationship, and how to ensure shared prosperity of the two peoples, two powerful countries on how to avoid conflict?  Reuters said on the 14th, Trump took office nearly 14 months, leaving advocates, dissidents out, and the president himself is act on intuition, from trade to North Korea policy decision made more quickly than in the past。 Trump close source said, the Republican president for the first election of the pro-consultant team growing impatient, he believes these people are always so many excuses to support his policy, Trump still encourage inner circle have different opinions, but once he made the decision, we want to execute immediately。
Trump former assistant Sulabian said the White House personnel changes show that Trump does not want to hear the word。
Trump's campaign aides Bennett said: those who think they can change the president's people will find that this is impossible。   This traditional establishment epic struggle between revolutionaries and send Trump is far from over, "Sueddeutsche Zeitung" 14 predicted that Trump will continue to expel one eyesore。
US Cable News Network (CNN) 14 said Wednesday, Trump might be his executive team for a major adjustment, remove those views and positions at odds with him, leaving him with a populist perspective as management and freedom people。
Reported that the White House executives turmoil fastest start next week, likely within two months later, the McMaster running out of time, White House spokesman Sanders in response to the current US president's national security when rumors of affairs assistant attitude McMaster leave neither hot nor cold, but his candidate to succeed former US Permanent Representative to the United Nations has Bolton, Oracle CEO Katz, etc.。 White House Chief of Staff Kelly also at risk, sources said, some of his friends Trump outside the White House has begun his search for a new chief of staff of the White House。
White House officials also revealed that some members of the Trump family, such as Kushner and Ivanka may also not be spared, or leave the White House in recent。   British "Financial Times" on the 14th, said Tillerson's departure exacerbates the highest levels of government reshuffle actions Trump, Trump has urged the Attorney General Sessions resign, Minister of Housing and Minister of the Interior and the White House are also and staff do not。   [Global Times in the United States, Germany, Japan mission Aoki special correspondent Zhang Peng Hui Ren Liu Yupeng Blue Song of Solomon] Read more, see today's issue of "Global Times" Login or download the new version of Global Client TIME。

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