Taiwan youth to seize the opportunity "landing" Hubei business


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  Wuhan March 21 electrical (Ma Fleur Wangguang Bin) Recently, the Taiwan Professional Early Learning Center – Lok Pui Optics Valley Park branch officially opened。 The store is music training park for the first time in the mainland and set up shop。
  Lok Pui Park in Taipei was established in 2000, currently has three branches in Taiwan。 It located in Wuhan Optical Valley stores, founded by 34-year-old young people in Taiwan and Taiwanese friends LUO Jing Ye Jiahao liter partnership。
"The mainland market is broad, industry updates, new dynamics are emerging in entrepreneurial policy 'blessing', 'landing' Entrepreneurship is the time。 "Ye Jiahao expressed interview。
  Correspondent 21 from Hubei Province Taiwan Affairs Office was informed that, in order to attract youth to Hubei Taiwan internships, entrepreneurship, employment, the province is implementing the "train sum of support funds", "building a number of Chong Qing base", "Start 'one thousand Ying Kong Taiwan green 'plan, "' six a 'series of initiatives。 As Wuhan Taiwan youth entrepreneurship employment service centers to support key projects, music training Optics Valley Park branch during construction, Hubei Province and Wuhan City, Taiwan Affairs Office has given strong support in terms of location, for business licenses, etc.。   "Taiwan should be more young people to the mainland to look at the walk。 "Taiwan Youth encyclical Yang Zheng said that the mainland opportunities, Taiwan youth entrepreneurship must identify the market。
At present, Yang Zheng encyclical opened a number of tea shops, sizzling creativity restaurant in Hubei, Anhui, Hunan and other places。 I venture, he often to the mainland to Taiwan youth entrepreneurship bridge to pull strings, legal, intellectual property, technology transfer and financial advisory services。

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