Heart everything will narrow the width of the telecentric to harvest all


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Everything will be far narrower heart, a heart wide to harvest all。 The attitude of a person's life depends on the width of his heart, and the pros and cons of life is also determined by the width of the heart。 Everything will be far narrower heart, only a heart wide to be harvested。 Heart everything will narrow the width of the telecentric to harvest everything can accommodate everything, everything to gain。
Relax, to accommodate the content, you will reap all。 Had celebrity said, people's mind is broader than the sea。
The mind can be infinitely expanded, with a broad-minded person will be able to accommodate all。
On the contrary, if a person likes to complain, then we will not even care about the little things, such a person must be narrow minded。
Not tolerate, let alone have it, everything can only become nothing, only big enough to everything in there。
In life, we may meet like-minded friends, and they have the same people will encounter the holidays。
Normally, we would choose revenge or escape, and we have a feast of people, the results are often away from anything。 In fact, the enemy is not necessarily permanent enemies, we can also have a choice, that is inclusive enemy, the enemy becomes a friend of。 In the Spring and Autumn Period, the son of correction and white son had to compete for the throne standing position opposing。 Guan Zhong and Bao Shuya, though they are talented people, but standing various interest groups whose main things。 Guan Zhong in the son's correct, but Baoshuya in camp among white son。
When the two sides at war, Guan almost to white son's life, but fortunately only hit the white pine above the hook, so that white spared。
Soon after the war ended, white son win, the Duke became the history of the famous。
Heart everything will be far narrower white son ascended the throne after his assistant because Baoshuya active, white deliberately made him relative to the country。
However Baoshuya believe they have hostile Guan and more appropriate than their own, although once the enemy, but it is the only one available。
Think of country boat, Baoshuya highly recommended Guan。
Baoshuya broad-minded, truthfully to the Duke said: Although I assisted you to the throne, but Guan more than I do to this important position relative to the country。 Because he was stronger than me in many ways。 He was able to gather the people, so to reassure the public, I can not do。
He is also knowledgeable than I am to govern the country, to ensure that the national interest。 He can make etiquette, I do not come, the time of the war, he was able to encourage and guide people, but also the command of the war, I do not like him。 So he is more suitable than I do with the country。

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