Tai Chi tofu teach you how to do good food Shandong dishes


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Tai Chi tofu tofu how to do it can be said that we live in a very favorite food, a lot of people like to eat, but there is a practice Tai Chi in Shandong tofu is delicious, the tai chi tofu how to do it together and go and see small series Tai Chi tofu how to do it introduced!Tai Chi tofu how to do Ingredients: Tofu 800 grams Accessories leeks 100 grams, the amount of miso pork (lean) 100 grams, 100 grams of egg, Salt, MSG amount.1.First, minced pork chop, standby 2.Tofu rolled into the mud, Reserved 3.The cut end of the leek, standby 4.The egg into the bowl, remove yolks and set aside 5.Pot, add base oil, the tofu mud into the pot and stir-fry about 6.Then slowly add egg and stir-fry, stir, taste good tune, pan, poured into a dish mold, it will be a good type of tofu how to do Tai Chi 7.Another pot, add base oil, pour the minced meat and stir-fry about 8.When white fry minced meat, add miso and stir-fry 9.After adjusted the taste, the spare pan 10.Then pot, add chopped chives, slightly stir fried, pan standby;。

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