FF91 users currently pay 50,000 yuan deposit in advance booking price of about $ 2 million


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February 26, Jia Yueting run to the family property to build electric vehicles FF91, the domestic price is expected to more than two million yuan。
After the music, as the crisis, Jia Yueting basically been withdrawn Watch music management, music, as listed and unlisted system architecture has been completely isolated, so FF91 will become Jia Yueting's Last Stand。 Faraday learned from the dust settles near the future (hereinafter referred to as "FF") of the partners in cooperation, FF91 will be delivered the first batch of cars by the end of 2018。 In this regard, FF China PR declined to comment on the Beijing Daily Reporter。 Earlier, media reports FF91 may priced at 910,000 yuan, FF comparison was denied。 At CES, there FF executives said, forecasting FF91 in the United States and sells for around $ 250,000, while the user is currently available to pay 50,000 yuan deposit advance booking first production FF91。
Before the Spring Festival, FF 200 people held a super-sized supplier conference in the United States。
FF represents a partner, FF91 positioned as a luxury electric car, priced at about US $ 250,000, taking into account the tariff factors, the price in China will exceed 2 million yuan。 About FF91 delivery time, the person said, is expected by the end of 2018, 2019 is expected to hit the road in China。
Federation of Automobile Dealers Association expert consultants Yan Jinghui think, for people without cars Jia Yueting this background, it succeeded in building a super-luxury car in just two or three years is not easy, of course, in music as a crisis and FF before funding problems, this time to determine the specific price will help boost morale。
Shortage of funds has been the biggest problem restricting the growth of FF91 car, but now the problem has been resolved。 February 14, Jia Yueting worked in the supply chain summit on FF, FF has received $ 1.5 billion in equity financing, which will be the most important journey FF growth milestones。
Last July, FF has announced the termination of the construction plans in Nevada, but then Jia Yueting that in order to guarantee on-time delivery of products, FF91 high-end plant will be relocated to the new site, and the full transformation of the existing plant and propulsion equipment purchases, the amount realized as soon as possible property。
However, by the FF investors Jia Yueting and its music, as the impact of the company's capital chain in deep crisis, the financial situation FF are also suffering from doubt, in addition to suppliers owed money, the slow progress in plant construction projects。
In September last year, sources said, FF project is located in the northern part of the plant's Las Vegas, Nevada City, it has announced a complete halt。
After FF per capita official denied this and Jia Yueting。
US local time on January 8, FF FF91 held a small-scale test ride event。
FF vice president of supply chain PabloUcar introduction: "FF91 is a very revolutionary and very complex products, so our partnership with suppliers is critical to achieving the goal of successful delivery FF91 at the end of 2018。 "Prove safety of high-end trends have shown that electric cars subversion fuel vehicles just a matter of time。 For the purpose of improving urban air quality, and foster innovation and technology, many governments are introduced policies to the popularity of electric vehicles, which limits the development of traditional fuel vehicles to some extent, and pushes car manufacturers turned to the production of electric vehicles。
At present, domestic car prices and new energy field of cross-border Internet repairer who are mostly aimed at the entry-level electric car。
But these companies with different FF 200 million price directly to the ultra-luxury level。 Beijing Daily reporter learned that Tesla will come out as a new energy car prices on the underlying objects。
But FF91 was not successful bidder will have to Zhuntesila, but want to be the new energy vehicles in the field of Bentley and Rolls-Royce。 In this regard, insiders believe that Tesla is accepted, it is that many people experience the Tesla Unlike traditional automotive innovation, but in fact, Tesla's Internet experience is not good, especially in the interior , the ride experience, a far cry from the traditional luxury car brand。 More crucial point is that, in recent years, high-end electric cars favored by the market, but the market more than 1 million yuan car is still very scarce, great market space。
From the current situation, in this market, Tesla a dominant, top model price of 150 million yuan in 2017, 100 yuan more than the price of the Tesla model, sales in Europe even more than BMW 7 series and Mercedes S series。

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