This is a fairy referee afraid to fight themselves out of the game field


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  After the win over Toronto early this morning, the Thunder has got six in a row。 Sure enough, the big battle in the West, no one would dare to lose。   So far this season, the Thunder faced the Rockets, Warriors and Raptors three teams overall record is 5 wins and 2 losses。
It turns out that the Thunder do not play any virtual teams!Weak weak again add that any weak teams playing Thunder, not virtual!  Westbrook today the three pairs, the field he played 37 minutes, 22 cast 15, 8, 6 penalty, scored 37 points 13 2 off plate 14 co。
  This is the fifth consecutive Westbrook gains three pairs games, a season triple-double of 23, 102 is the first career triple-double。
  Three pairs have been close to becoming less synonymous with prestige, and also lacks a good blow, it can only be said to be normal operation。 But at the same time to get a triple-double, hit rate as high as% less prestige but the first person in nearly 30 years!  Deep into the details of the Competition anxious in this game, Westbrook's performance if the gods descend to earth, he mastered the game in the last half-section, a person scored 17 points in 6 minutes!!When 12 seconds left in the game when he cast a note of success in killing the game!  Middle of the night watching the group Friends of representation because he sounds, the door was knocked on the next door neighbor girl?Secondary。   Post-match interview when Viagra less: "I was a man of mission!"Probably this is the spirit of the old department said it Mamba!How can such a the team on his shoulders, each carrying explosives like the same fight to the inside, the key moment without hesitation, took the initiative to embrace the responsibility of losing people who do not love it!  Adams: "Well, so many people like the small Adams is why ah!"Poof, today Adams defensive when Ibaka, crotch again kicked Unfortunately, poor Adams, Why always hurt his crotch。
  A news commentary is even more bluntly: "Ibaka with his third leg a little bit disciplinary Adams。 "赛后伊巴卡 has apologized to the old teammates, they said no problem。   Then after this confrontation, watch the video referee to confirm the operations of both the scale, and ultimately determine the Adams shooting foul on Ibaka, two free throws to Ibaka。   Today's ref can be really spicy eyes, only this time, in the final moments of the game, DeRozan, Ibaka and Casey complained penalty, he has been ejected。   In the last three referees to leave when the leave is under security escort, watching less toxic sister, NBA this case is much more you see it?  Finally, talk about, this field Thunder can win, have to thank a lucky man comes – Brewer!  Because when Brewer served as the first issue of war, the Thunder also defeated a bad idea, in Houluobosen era, there is a rich company commander of the Thunder offense, defense is capable of averaging steals!(Starting time), so this is, we often say, the crown…Puzzle Championship?  Today Viagra less so over God, is simply the Thunder God of War, Hey, toxic basketball game room also has a product called "Thunder God of War" game, it's time to feel the open!  Click and play, without having to download micro-channel public number search "Basketball toxic" reply "1024", take you to see the "ball" drag racing with you, you know, replies "live" but also free to watch NBA live video Oh。   Basketball poisonous ID: lanqiuyoudu a number of people unable to stop the public reply "signal" to see the endless dirt dirty Figure。

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