Eastern Group and Yibin city government reached a strategic cooperation proposed beef cattle industry base


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Oriental Group Company proposed nine cattle beef base Yibin It is understood that the two sides will set up nine cattle Oriental Beef Industry Development Group。
To this end, the Eastern Group and Yibin city government reached a multifaceted cooperation intention。
  On the one hand, Yibin city government will provide the basis for the development of local beef cattle business conditions。 It is understood that, for the revitalization of the city of Yibin Beef Industry, within activate raw power, the introduction of high-quality beef cattle fattening support policies, support the building of fattening base; the introduction of cows to support incremental expansion of the group policy, to develop cow industry; play the role of broker and market , establish and improve the beef cattle market, foster professional traders, farmers and promote the base, specifically cooperation Lloyd's; to give the beef cattle industry through key support rural revitalization funds, financial subsidies。   On the other hand, the East Group will make full use of the advantages of listed companies, as well as national food and agricultural products marketing network, combined with Yibin City area, resources, the formation of the East nine cattle Group on the basis of nine cattle company, through investment, mergers and acquisitions and cooperation a variety of ways to further enhance the industrial scale and efficiency。   The industry believes that, Yibin City, located in the southwest hinterland, in cattle breeding industry has a good geographical advantages: first, Southwest is one of the four national cattle industry area, it is located in Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan, Chongqing, Yibin transfer of land, the southwest region heart, obvious geographical advantages, can be based on the southwest, the National radiation; second, the seat of Yibin bamboo Sea nature reserve, bamboo Sea on the one hand can provide a lot of high-grade raw material bamboo shell as feeder cattle, and the other also can bring 1 million passengers / year traffic, beef huge consumption potential; third, Yibin is China's traditional "wine", is the seat of Wuliangye distillery。
Lees brewery is one of the byproducts of high-quality beef cattle feed, distillers grains by feeding beef cattle, meat is delicious, unique taste, and can significantly reduce feed costs; fourth, Yibin city government always attached importance to agricultural development, in addition to the existing wine, addition to tea, hoping to beef cattle industry as one of the next major support direction。

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