# # British title into the EU sent off agreement refers to the shelling of the transition period for new passports to replace farce


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  (Reporter Li Wei) Britain and the European Union finalized a few days ago off the transitional arrangements in Europe, but the dispute is far from stopped off in Europe hardliners criticized the excessive concessions, former Independence Party leader Al Falaj threatened to return to politics first line, in addition to around off after replacing the new European passport, but also wrangling。   On Monday (19) the United Kingdom and the European Union published a draft agreement to take off in Europe the transition period, and announced that the two sides reached a preliminary agreement on this, although there is still disagreement on the border of Northern Ireland, Gibraltar territorial disputes and other issues, but most of the provisions has cleared the obstacle, the draft agreement will be submitted to and discussed by the EU spring summit held on 22 May。   The British government said it was off to Europe to negotiate a decisive step, from 29 March 2019 to the end of 2020, beginning December 31 of a 21-month transition period, the United Kingdom can continue to stay in the EU customs union and common market, and it can open with the agreement of the countries outside the European Union trade negotiations, to ensure a stable and orderly removal of Europe。

  But the draft agreement calls for the United Kingdom during the transition period, remain subject to EU justice, to comply with the Convention on fishing and related personnel can still free flow, causing a rebound off the EU hardliners to Conservative MP Mogg as the representative of the EU to send off the hard criticism Prime Minister Theresa May concessions too, did not fully get back their sovereignty, and is still in control of the EU under the。

  There are off Mr. Ou said the former Independence Party leader Al Falaj met 21 foreign correspondents in London, accused the prime minister Theresa May not be as tough to treat Russia as the European Union, in particular, he blasted fisheries arrangements transition period means the agreement still allows France, Germany and other fishing vessels fishing in British waters, tantamount to treason。 The same day he, together with representatives of the fishermen, the dumping of dead fish on the Thames outside the Houses of Parliament in protest。   Al Falaj also said he never optimistic about the prospects for the European Union as early as mid-1996 will appeal to Britain from the EU, since the United Kingdom joined the European Union make a lot of mistakes, such as the year the introduction of the EU financial regulatory policy, has led to insurance companies, hedge funds, etc. a large number of evictions in London, but no one ignored。

He was particularly worried that Europe could take off was delayed until the next general election and referendum could trigger secondary, if Europe does not take off, I will have to return to politics first line。

  In addition, the British government also plans to replace the passport after take off in Europe, the new passport from the current EU common color crimson, restored to its original dark blue, but also a symbol of Britain back to her independent sovereignty。 But according to sources, the new British passports will be made in France and India, the French company Gemalto has won this billion pounds worth of contracts。

  European support off former British development minister criticized Patel, decided to print foreign passports are abnormal and shameful。

Liberal Democrat spokesman Blake off Europe also accused the government in replacement of the practice on the new passport is becoming a farce, we not only want to pay the EU break-up fee, have to spend money to import a passport, this is simply wound on to the Sprinkle salt。

  The British government said the new passport in which the printing has not yet made a final decision, but I believe that many off-European supporters would like to see changed, everything can be seen from the passport。 Officials have declined to be named, said business owned business, no need to de-politicize Europe。   。

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