You meet her yet?Woman sexual satisfaction performance


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The men are strong self-esteem of the species, especially in front of his beloved woman, is no exception in terms of sexuality, they can always make a woman want to meet, but they tend to be when a woman reaches orgasm, whether it satisfies scanty, following Xiao Bian understand female sexual satisfaction following the five performance。 Every man wants his beloved woman to be happy to meet, especially in terms of her ability to meet often considered a sign of Think Like A Man。
How do I know whether that woman get sexual satisfaction did?United States 'Men's Health' magazine conducted a survey of 3289 women, summed up the female sexual gratification five kinds of common performance。 1.She needs more。
Survey shows that sexual satisfaction of the woman needs sex 23 times a week.。 But they are relatively broad definition of sex, probably do not need meaningful sex, but she may need to be with men, kissing, caressing movement of such intimate needs。
It is to give her more, let her know you are thinking about her all day, she plans to send text messages to tell spare time, asked her to wear that hot red pajamas, etc.。
You meet her yet?Performance to meet the woman of 2.She believes he is very sexy。
Of women do not meet the 80% not confident woman of sexual satisfaction that, in the eyes of their partner sexiest。
This is because satisfying sex life improved her own positive assessment of the。
She wants to keep their confidence in it?That Never criticize her body, otherwise, she would be worried all day。 If she always worried too fat, chest too small, that when sex will feel uncomfortable。

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