Pingyao war martyrs future generations to find the remains of the Unknown Soldier Tomb of pieces of information match


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Liao plug base holding his lifetime photograph of his father's life in Beijing Liao barrier plug 73-year-old, he and many retired people, preferring to watch TV newspaper and enjoy their grandchildren。 However, when the occasional spare time, he would stare for a long time to come up with an old photo。
  Liao plug on the base of the photo just born not long after, his mother holding him, standing beside a military uniform father Liao Shao Gang, this is a family portrait of a family of three unique。
July 1945, Liu Shao Gang in Shanxi sacrifice, Liao plug base then has been trying to find the whereabouts of the remains of his father, but have heard from since。
  In March this year, sources said Liu Gang Shao probably resting on Tomb of Unknown Soldier a Pingyao, which makes the already given up hope of Liao plug base has kindled hope, he thought the way DNA testing by the but your heart 73-year-minded。   After taking family portrait father in Shanxi sacrifice Liao plug base in March 1945 born on 13 Yan'an, about a month or two after birth, he and parents took this family portrait in Yan'an。   "It was only three of us a family portrait, father shortly after the south, I was born just four months when his father died in Shanxi。 "Liao said plug base, about his father, he did not own memory, all the imagination of a father figure to grow up to find all relevant information to shape up by telling his father and his comrades。
  Records, Liu's father Liu Gang plug base is Shao Yanlin (Ling County) who was born in 1912, joined the party in 1929, joined the Red Army in 1930, he has served six Red Army Chief of Communications, 51 regiment chief of staff, seventeen division chief of staff, as well as the Eighth Route Army Corps garrison left behind (the old regiment) chief of staff of a regiment, the Eighth Route Army Shaanxi-Gansu Jinsui defense army garrison three brigade seven Deputy head of the Eighth Route Army 359th brigade and seven hundred seventeen round 9 between President captain, 359th brigade deputy commander (after the post because of the expense not yet reached)。   When in July 1945 with the army south, Liu Shao Gang died heroically in the territory Tongpu Road Pingyao County, Shanxi combat with Japanese troops。   In a lot of information about the war records, Liu Shao Gang names are written in the "Liaoguang Shao"。 "My father Hunan, speak with an accent, but that's a lot of people have low levels of literacy, so many people took the name of his father Liao Shao Gang write error or misunderstanding became Liaoguang Shao。
"Liao said plug base。
  Major General memoirs narrative。

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