Back massage techniques to help you ease the pain


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4, missing out rubbing point here: the edge of the radial forearm above the radial styloid, 1,5 inch wrist stripes, as between the thumb and the brachioradialis tendon long exhibition。 Methods: contralateral missing out rubbing his hands with thumb hole, there is a sense of soreness is appropriate, massage 50 times。 Above back massage need someone to help massage, a kind of massage they can do oh。 Own massage: rub the back door method in the Chinese view, there are two big man's back meridians, which distributed some important, when the corresponding visceral lesions appear, it will be shown at these points。 If you can just press the point when the body does not feel pain, there will be health effect。 Since the theory of "rather missing the point, not missing by" saying, so people may not know the exact location of acupuncture points, simply press the meridians approximate location on it。 Therefore, as a daily health, we recommend that you can try to rub the back door method。 First with the middle of the back of the spine (i.e. Du) aligned with the door edge, gently pressed against the door frame and movable up and down slightly rub, do about 20 per minute, as far as possible over the entire spine are squeezed。
When moving up and down rubbing found a particular pain can be made here about a mild shaking, and for several days in the pressed heavily from light to here。
This operation is repeated and 3 inches at each of both sides of the spine。
If sustained, will reflect some of the health effects。 Note that, the neck portion is preferably pressed by hand to change; not disappear as tenderness, to be diagnosed to the hospital for further。 Chinese medicine massage there are many which have a back massage techniques, common method is to press, friction law, pushing, grasping, kneading method, rubbing method, every technique there are many segments, let's take a look it。 1.By the method is based on the thumb or the like the heel part is gradually pressed down firmly at a certain position or point, while leaving the press, not rigid, which is an inducible way, applies to all parts of the body。 Clinically divided by law means that by law, according to law palm, elbow press law, etc.。
It refers to the press law。

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