James Wong said Lu Shuai early to go to rest: his health is more important than the record


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  Beijing March 20, according to US media reports, the Cavaliers announced today that Taryn – Lu for health reasons will temporarily leave the coach position。
In this regard, the Cavs headed star LeBron – James said he also did not know the news this morning, and that Lu is long overdue to address their health problems。
  According to a person familiar with the Cavaliers, Taryn – Lu Cavaliers and the final agreement, that is, he must now leave from the coach position。
  Like everyone else, James also learned the news this morning。   "Like all of you, I also know。
"James said.。
  Speaking Taryn – Lu temporarily leave the Cavaliers coach position, James said: "I think it may be a bit too late。
"It is reported that Cleveland's players (such as James) and Lu people around in the past few months is very clear physical condition Lu, but Lu has repeatedly refused to leave the Cavaliers coach position。   The Cavaliers and the Bulls an away game, Lu in the second half for health reasons can not be taught。 After the game, James Lu expressed concerns about the physical condition, and said that Lu's health is more important than the team's record。   "It's like losing one of the best players in your team。 "James said," Obviously, he (Lu) is the ship's captain。
Over the past three years are so。
Everyone must stand up。
We have prepared for the coaching staff, the players and we also have to do their job。
Like I said, health is the most important, and we look forward to him (Lu) return。
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