Ministry of Agriculture: February national agricultural and rural economy to superior quality clear trend


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Data for: all over the Guizhou Province into the spring sowing season spring tube, farmers seize the farming season, the fields bustled。
Reporters He Junyi taken March 22, according to news website of the Ministry of Agriculture, since February, the agricultural sector at all levels of the CPC Central Committee and State Council decisions and arrangements for the implementation of rural revitalization strategy, earnestly implement the requirements of the development of high-quality, adhere to quality agriculture, green Sinon, pay close attention to pipe spring land preparation for stable production, strengthen policy guidance information to adjust the structure, steady agricultural rural economy intake, steady Yuxin, flight to quality development started better。
  Wheat growth of the seedlings transformed for the better, spring plowing steadily。
At present most of the country suitable soil moisture, light match warm water better, accelerate the transformation of wheat growth of the seedlings to upgrade, spring production in an orderly way。
According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural agricultural condition scheduling, turning green winter wheat seedlings to% 12 types of proportion, percentage point increase compared with before winter, but still lower than the same period last year percentage points。 Spring land entered a critical period, the main crop seeds ample supply, quality qualified rate remained stable at 98%; fertilizers, pesticides, diesel fuel supply security, price rise; the other in an orderly manner。   Planting intentions stable tuning, accelerate the development of green and efficient planting。 Restructuring and upgrading by the consumer, the impact mechanism reform, the steady development of contract farming and other agricultural price formation, structure tuning agriculture to increase still more apparent。 Crop year is expected to stabilize in the area million mu, slightly reduced wheat area was flat, corn area "camber" and other non-dominant district Diaojian more than 1,000 acres, the cold northeast region well irrigation rice and low-quality low-yield rice area south Tiaojian 1100 mu, to further optimize the industrial layout; increase of green quality products, an increase of more than 400 acres of high-quality weak gluten wheat gluten, high-quality rice, canola, soy protein, high yield and sugar cane were increased by 160 million mu, 1.5 million acres, 130 acres and 80 acres or more; combine to accelerate breeding, rice planting area of more than 2400 integrated acres, an increase of more than 300 acres。
  Aquaculture production efficiency significantly improved, easing supply of livestock and poultry products。
Currently pig production layout is still in the adjustment, pigs and sows volume declined, but with the industrial concentration, improve large-scale farming, pig production has increased, the market is relatively abundant supply。 According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural sentinel surveillance, pigs and sows chain by% and% respectively, down% and 5%, respectively; above-scale enterprises slaughtering pig slaughtering were down percent, rose%。 Laying low recovery capacity, laying hens population decline% year on year, but the rate of increase egg production, egg market supply security。 Beef cattle, sheep, milk production remained stable。 Aquatic products was stable and slightly increasing, according to statistics of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural 1 – Domestic ten thousand tons of aquatic products in February, an increase of%。   Holiday effect to pull clear, the overall rise in prices of agricultural products。 200 wholesale price index for agricultural products, chain rose points, high points year on year; the "basket" products wholesale price index was 200, the chain rose points, high points year on year。 Among them, rice, wheat and corn, three kinds of food bazaars monthly average price stable and slightly higher, up%。
Among them, corn prices rose faster, according to the China Grain and Oil Information Center survey reflects, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Shandong and other places the average price of corn rose by about 10%。 Subject to a wide range of cool rain, rising labor costs transportation, holiday effect driven by other factors, seasonal vegetables rose, rose percent, rose%。
By reserve meat delivery, focused on accelerating the impact slaughter and consumption down multiple factors, hog prices continued to fall, the current pig grain ratio has fallen below 7: 1, the latter is expected to remain weak shocks。
With the holiday effect subsided, consumption fell, egg production rate, egg supply and demand easing, prices fell for three consecutive weeks, the cumulative decline%, but the year is still high%。
Expected to see, along with corn rice policy food stocks on the market, feed processing enterprises slowdown in consumer food prices will gradually return to the market; the temperature rose, growing vegetables is good, abundant supply, the price will come down。
  International food prices are rising, cottonseed oil sugar prices generally fall。 Global economic recovery to stabilize crude oil prices, depreciation of the dollar, America and other main producing areas of agricultural dry weather, causing food prices continue to rise。 Rice prices for four consecutive months of increases, up high%, wheat, corn and soybean prices rose%% and% respectively, rose percent, down 1% and% reduction; by supply loose, consumption dropped, the higher inventory impact , cotton, palm oil, sugar prices generally fell, a decline%, respectively,% and%。
The latter, the global economic recovery is more stable, not yet part of the main producing countries to ease the drought, global food prices are still up space; cottonseed oil and sugar gradually into the consumer off-season, easing market supply and demand, prices will continue downward trend, international agricultural price change conduction on the domestic market, will be the consumer and the cost of agricultural products processing enterprises have an impact。
  Ministry of Agriculture said that looking into the coming period, agricultural and rural economy while maintaining the smooth running still concerned about three areas。
First, pay close attention to disaster prevention and mitigation。
Strengthen communication and consultation with the meteorological department, as soon as possible prepared to deal with drought, floods in spring, late spring and other disaster preparedness, the implementation of disaster prevention and mitigation technologies, strengthen pest monitoring and early warning, good wheat stripe rust, scab and other pests and diseases prevention and control。
Meanwhile, spring is the major animal diseases such as avian flu high season, to strengthen the prevention and control of animal diseases。 Second, strengthen field management in spring。 For larger wheat, canola Ruomiao proportion of cases this year, good fertilizer and water, timely watering fertilizer, according to local conditions to implement the key technical measures to consolidate before winter tillering, tillering increase in the spring to promote the growth of the seedlings conversion upgrade。
The third is concerned about the price fluctuations of agricultural products。 With the slowdown in demand for holiday effect subsided, meat, vegetables, fruit and other fresh seasonal decline in agricultural prices, supply and demand balance, depth did not last to fall, business entities need to arrange your time to market agricultural products。

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