Wash rice and the number the better?Cook rice careful three errors (1)


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  Of rice, sweet; with deficiency, spleen and stomach, Yijing strong chi, and five internal organs, blood, ears and eyes and, just annoying, thirst, diarrhea effect。
Many people cook rice to clean, wash rice like many times, there are those who like to slowly boil rice, in fact, these are easy to make the loss of nutrients in rice。So cook rice exactly what errors?How to cook rice only nutrition?  3 Mistakes to cook rice cooking process will not correct the loss of nutrients, such as following these practices: 1, too many ordinary families are the first wash rice before steaming rice, and vitamin B are water soluble, and distribution in the surface portion of the rice, it is easy to slip as rice water, vitamin B1 loss up to 20%?60%。
In fact, today the market to sell rice very clean, gently washing once or twice, indicating miantaomi varieties do not need panned。
  2, heated too long to cook a lot of people like to burn slowly, in fact, doing so is not desirable。
Cooking time should try to shorten the heating time, there are two approaches: First, before cooking the rice soak for half an hour; second is to use boiling water, both to make chlorine in tap water to evaporate, reducing the damaging effects of vitamin B1 It can also be cooked faster。
  3, alkali alkali porridge practice common in the north, that the porridge alkali and drink up and taste better, knowing that doing so will cause annihilated vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and folic acid will destroy。  To cook this nutritious rice doubled to eat nutritious and delicious rice, you must learn the right way to cook rice。Here we teach science to cook rice。  Reasonable cooking In general, one day need an adult intake of 3?5 two staples。One kind of rice as a staple food, is the main source of energy acquisition, not the lack of staple food three meals a day。White rice-based staple food of the population, should pay attention to cooking methods, must be reasonable in order to avoid loss of nutrition cooking with vegetables。
  The more control, the longer the soak time, the higher the temperature, the rice vitamin B1, B2, as well as minerals will have different degrees of loss。Packaged in a regular supermarket to buy rice, you can cook once with cold water washing, selection of fine cook, taste better。
High mineral content in brown rice, milled rice and eat with, eat with meters north and south, can be complementary nutrition。  Add rice to feed people eat will inevitably be a variety of diseases, for example, some people will be some varying degrees of constipation, when cooking rice, a variety of ingredients with attention, either replenish the body's energy, have to meet the different nutritional needs of the body。
Vegetable Rice: Rice in Canada carrots, pumpkin Ding, cooking corn kernels。
These three foods can be added together, it can be divided into the plus。
After the addition of these three food, nice color not only rice, but rice is more nutritious。Orange foods contain carotene, can protect the elderly respiratory mucosa, repair damaged cells in the respiratory tract。Also can prevent dry skin, eye protection。

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