The four home do not eat any vegetables, can damage health and even cause cancer!(1)


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  We often eat a variety of vegetables at home, by eating a variety of vegetables to supplement a variety of nutrients。
However, some vegetables can not only provide nutrition, health and even reverse damage carcinogenic。
  1, rootless bean sprouts itself is very nutritious vegetable, taste is also very good, a lot of people love to eat。
But now there is a lot of bean sprouts is the sinister business of trafficking rootless bean sprouts, driven by the interests, will use the "rootless water" (ie, 6-benzyladenine and other substances) when sprouts grow, in order to accelerate the bean sprouts growth, and looks sturdy, will sell well。
  But this rootless bean sprouts are very toxic, and then people can eat ranging from child development is precocious, female physiological changes, such as osteoporosis in the elderly, may lead to serious physical cancer。
Therefore, bean sprouts found no root, it is best not to eat。  2, fern in the spring, a kind of wild very popular with people of welcome, and that is bracken。Bracken is the past, people have no food to eat vegetables only choice, and now after CCTV reported that experiments on animals found that the original bracken fern glycosides contained in a second-class carcinogen, after eating may cause liver damage, serious cause cancer。  Bracken is indeed a very local flavor with vegetables, but not much food。But can of soda boiled bracken, fern can reduce toxins, but also taste better。
  3, light color of leafy green vegetables by photosynthesis, it can become green。But now many supermarkets sell vegetables color is light, the lack of light, nutrients and far less than those vegetables grown in the sun。
  So to choose the color of the normal greens, do not choose light color, light color often is not high in nutrients。
Should beware of the color is too green vegetables, may be dyed, for the money, any way people want to come。  As shown, yellow white fungus white fungus if we find that bought yellow, to be sure not to eat 4。Usually Tremella yellow Flavobacterium be caused by pollution, it has changed the description Tremella。
There will be poisoning after eating, the body will appear as dizziness, Duteng, diarrhea and other symptoms, severe cases can produce shock。

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