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Healthy eating habits of women, the female half of the sky is a friend of our society, so their health is very important, good eating habits make them more healthy, then the women of healthy eating habits and night network which together go and see!Women have healthy eating habits healthy eating habits make you 72, becoming larger and younger, this is not cheating on you, oh。Dietary laws, balanced nutrition absorption, you get the skin will naturally exudes a charming luster。1, no time to go to work empty-handed if you do not eat too late to eat breakfast, to be prepared in advance a coarse flour bread, some fruit and a bottle to the office as。
Like when hungry, you can readily take to a strong breakfast, timely work, "Come on."。
2, and a child to drink milk to drink three cups of yogurt a day of women, than people who did not consume yogurt 60% fat。What makes the yogurt has become so magical, the answer is yogurt rich in calcium ions。It acts as a catalyst to enable the body to burn fat faster。
With yogurt, vegetables, cereal consumption, would be better to play the effect。3, sleep will get fat female healthy eating habits the next time midnight, when the soap opera also unable to stop, you have to say to yourself: "lack of sleep, it is easy to gain weight。"Virtually to their own kind of pressure。Sleeps 5 day?6 hours, the average daily sleep than 7?Eight hours of heavy 6 people?8 lbs。When the normal sleep deprived, the body will produce large amounts of compression hormones to slow the rate of metabolism, while the next day's appetite will be enhanced。
If you have to get up 7:00 in the morning, the night before going to bed at around 11:00 best。
Do not watch TV before going to sleep can be a hot bubble bath, or read a good novel。

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