Myocardial ischemia five elements of daily conditioning type of silent myocardial ischemia


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What are the five elements of daily conditioning?Routine care patients with myocardial ischemia must pay more attention, you know ischemic conditioning daily five elements of what are you?The following night on the net to tell you the five elements of myocardial ischemia daily conditioning。
Myocardial ischemia conditioning daily five elements 1, appropriate movement。
Activities, exercise should be carried out in the cooler early morning and avoid exercise in the sun。Activity intensity should be moderate, not too long time to reduce the load on the heart, reducing myocardial oxygen consumption, to prevent the onset of myocardial ischemia。
2, summer cooling。
Worn outdoor activities or visor and labor should be an ample supply of water, to prevent peripheral vasodilation, hypovolemia such reduced blood supply to the coronary artery, myocardial ischemia induced。3, orderly living。
As the summer heat, at night to sleep late, not too early to get up in the morning, at noon to proper rest, to supplement the lack of sleep。4, adjust the medication。Myocardial ischemia daily conditioning should be under the guidance of a specialist, usually taking the drug treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease to make some appropriate adjustments, or increase the dose of a drug, or a drug increases。Myocardial ischemia five elements 5 daily conditioning, eating light。
Summer human digestive tract dysfunction, decreased appetite, diet should be light, eat plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits, black fungus, soy, etc., may be appropriate to eat some lean meat, fish, try to eat too greasy or fatty foods。
Food should not be too salty, too much salt cause high blood pressure。Generally the type of silent myocardial ischemia, angina pectoris and minutes to ten minutes, after rest or sublingual nitroglycerin, chest pain quickly relieve。

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